What is Pro’s payback?  A. 100% payback with a 1 in 5 payout. Guaranteed $10,000 to First place regardless of boat counts. 1st Place at the championship will receive a 2016 Ranger Boat with an Evinrude outboard.

What is Co-Angler payback? A. 80% to the Co-Anglers. The remaining 20% will be used in sponsor contingency programs open to the entire field. The purpose of the Co- Angler side is to gain knowledge and confidence to move up to Pro one day. This has worked well over the years.

What are the team paybacks? A. 100% payback with a 1 in 5 payout. The Arizona and California Team championships will feature 1st place awards of a Aluminum Ranger Boat with an Evinrude outboard at each event.

Can I sign up with a Pro to get guaranteed my entry into the tournaments? A. WWBT will give priority to Co-Anglers that sign up for all the events. This will be done by first come first served basis.

If a Pro and Co-angler sign up together for all three events on or before the first events balance entry deadline date, they will guarantee their entry into all three events. WWBT will support the anglers that support all the events.

Why is there not a WWBT Pro/Am at Clear Lake on the schedule? A. WWBT is committed to creating a well diverse schedule each year. During our inception season we are running three events. Clearlake and many other great CA fisheries will be rotated in subsequent seasons. As WWBT expands in season two and beyond we will evaluate the marketplace and make adjustments. Of course scheduling and permitting are always difficult. For those angers who love to fish Clearlake, our Team Championship will be hosted there in June 2016.

Why is there an off-limits period? A. The Western tournament scene has been sliding for years. One of the main reasons is local anglers not supporting the entire season. This simply is not fair to traveling anglers that hold down jobs and don’t have unlimited pre-fish time. Now all anglers will have the same amount of practice time. This in turn levels out the playing field. This reduces the time off work necessary for competitors to participate. It reduces the travel cost of competitors as well. This rule has been VERY WELL received by our anglers. This has been the overwhelming favorite to try and rebuild our western events.

How will off limits be enforced? A. There are always anglers on the lake that will not be in the event. If anyone is seen/reported to be on the water during the off-limits period and the investigation supports that allegation, that angler will forfeit all entry fees and be open to sanctions as indicated in WWBT rules. There will be Polygraph examinations administered per the WWBT rules at all events.

Polygraph examinations? A. This was a suggestion by our advisory committee. The committee wants to see lie detector tests at all events and anglers will pay $5 per contestant per event. There will be a minimum of 3 polygraph examinations at all Pro/ Am events! Team events will also feature these examinations.

Why no net rule in Pro-Ams but not in teams? A. This was a suggestion by the advisory board to help with TV ratings. There’s more excitement and drama when anglers are landing fish without nets. The teams will not be televised this year so nets are allowed.

Why no option pools? A. This makes for a simpler payout structure anglers can figure the exact amount of entry fee dollars and the payouts. WWBT is encouraging transparency as we are advertising WWBT as a true 100% payback.

Can a professional guide fish? A. Yes, as long as they pay and entry fee and adhere to all rules.

How does Evinrudes contingency work? A. $10,000 will be paid to contingency compliant Evinrude owners. $10,000 will be paid to the winner if they are running a contingency compliant Evinrude E-TEC. If the winner is not Evinrude contingency compliant, then the 3 highest finishing contingency compliant Evinrude owners will receive $5,000, $3.000, and $2,000 in the order they finish.

Lucas Oil Contingency? A. Random Draw amongst the field of contingency participants for a Lucas Oil $500.00 per event regardless of entries

1. OriginalretailReceiptshowingproofofPurchasemustbeprovidedtothedirector prior to the event beginning to be eligible to participate.

2. Anglersmustpurchase$50.00worthofLucasMarineProductspereventtobe eligible for the random draw at each tournament. Purchases can be made from the following:

A local retail outlet i.e. Marina, tackle shop, or Ranger Boat dealership. Hydro Force Marine (Online and Onsite at events)

  1. AnoriginalretailreceiptshowingthepurchaseofLucasOilProductsmustbemade within 30 calendar days of the 1st day of each qualifying event.
  2. Orintheeventwhentheanglerpurchasesaonetimetotalofatleast$100,Example $100.00 made in (1) purchase qualifies them for the random draw at (2) events, $200 qualifies for all (4) regular season events.

If there are Sponsor paid entry fees will the anglers entry fee actually be in the pot? A. YES. Every angler in the field will have an entry fee paid.

Why is there a seven fish limit for the team events? A. WWBT is featuring 7 fish team limits to encourage two anglers fishing together as a team in each the boat. Team events were designed for 2 anglers to compete against other 2 person teams. You may fish by yourself but you will only be allowed to weigh 5 fish against the two person teams of 7 fish.

Why are the Pro/Am tournaments conducted as a non-shared weight format? A. This was a tough decision for WWBT. We had a lot of input from advisory board but the final decision to make these events non-shared weigh came from sponsors. The West Coast is the only place in the US that has shared weight. We have many sponsors that simply do not understand how a Pro style event can have an Am weigh fish within the Pro’s limit. So we opted for the non-shared format. This has also been a popular format with FLW anglers here in the West.

What are age limits for the events? A. Pro-am tournaments are open to current members of WWBT who are 18 years of age or older (Pro entrant). Contestants who are under the age of 18, but no younger than 14, may enter the co-angler division with signed approval from their legal guardian. Team events- Anglers who are 18 years of age or older (Boater Team). Contestants under the age of 18 may enter the (Non-boater Team) with signed approval from their legal guardian. Proof of age to the tournament officials is the responsibility of the potential contestant.

How many rods can a Co-Angler bring? A. Co-anglers are not allowed to have more than six (6) rods Will there be a weight penalty for late sign ups at events? A. From the WWBT rules- Each contestant must register in person with official WWBT staff at the time and place designated in the schedule of events. Contestants failing to register in person during the prescribed hours WILL RESULT IN BEING PENALIZED AT THE RATE OF 0.25 POUNDS PER MINUTE LATE TO BE DEDUCTED FROM THE TOTAL WEIGHT OF THEIR CATCH FOR THE EVENT.

Will there be an insurance fee at the events? A. NO. WWBT covers all insurance costs.

Will I have to pay a membership fee for both teams and Pro-Am events? A. No, one membership fee is valid for all WWBT events.

How long does a membership last? A. Memberships are valid January thru December for the year they are paid. All memberships expire on 12/31.